SITEL Control designs and produces infrared optical pyrometers for the control and supervision of industrial processes. The high know-how acquired during many years of experience and research has placed SITEL Control in a leader position within its field of business.

Our advanced technological instrument system attains the best quality/price ratio, one firm objective of the company.

SITEL Control's optical thermometers are produced with the most updated microprocessor technologies. The new generation sensors, together with the extremely solid and compact protection case, give these instruments a very high grade of accuracy and reliability, and make them easy to be installed.

SITEL Control products comply with the international safety norms in force and meet the EMC electromagnetic compatibility; their quality standard is guaranted by the CE mark and they will soon comply also with UL and CSA international marks in the next future.

All these features thestify to the image of SITEL Control, a leading-edge company with avails itself of the quality system UNI EN ISO 9000:2015 and upgrades year after year its design, production and test processes toward a total control action..

Sitel Control qualified technicians offer their assistance all over the national territory and from the agency-offices and distributors worldwide